Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Day, Another Cold

The weather is so nice and warm outside. It's not too hot out and the snow is gone, hooray! Here at the Hatchell House, we were excited for upcoming outdoor play. And then it hit, that one last cold of the season got us. I believe it started with Gabriel. A runny, gross nose and water eyes were his symptoms. He was crying at nap time because he couldn't breath through is nose and he could not part with his pacifier long enough to breath through his mouth... Krista and Logan had a slight runny nose, but didn't seem to be hit as hard.

I think I got hit the hardest. Maybe I'm just a whiner on this cold, but I feel tired and have a runny/clogged nose and sore throat. I'm hoping it's a short-lived cold, because I want to go out and play, too!

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Lynnette said...

This sounds like what we had around here last week. Hope you get better soon and are able to enjoy this beautiful spring!