Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We've determined that Gabriel is just not old enough for Play-Doh. After he and Krista played with some, I noticed that he rolled his entire batch into tiny round shapes and threw them all over the floor. And I mean, ALL over. Some was ground into his socks and some was mashed into the floor. Now the Play-Doh fun has been relegated to Krista's "quiet time" activity. I've made my own Play-Doh rules that make a lot of sense:

1. IF it falls on the floor, it goes in the trash. There is nothing worse than dirt and dog hair rolled up in your brightly colored Doh.

2. Do not intentionally throw it on the floor, as this leads to the issues addressed in the first rule.

3. IF you mix all your Doh together, it will turn a weird off-color that cannot be resuscitated. Mix your colors with caution.

4. Leaving Doh out or not sealing the package completely will result in a hard as rock piece of Doh, rendering it completely unusable. If you need help putting it away, ask.

5. Clean up is essential. When picking up your Doh, remember to roll a larger piece over your workstation. This will pick up all the tiny fragments. If this is not done it will lead to an infraction of either rule 1 or 2, but mostly 4.

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