Friday, August 19, 2011

Early Riser

So this past week, I've been trying to get Krista up earlier and earlier - to get her ready for her Kindergarten schedule (she has to be at school around 7:55AM). The only child I have that is not an early riser, this has been a difficult task. I physically have to pull her out of bed, she huddles down and covers her face with her hands - she is like Gollum in the morning.

She is no good, so it looks like (at least at first) I will have to put her uniform on her. She then, still hunched over with her hair veiling her face, creeps to the living room and buries her head in the corner of the couch. I get her breakfast and set it at the table with a little chair. I fix her hair while she eats - listening to all her whines and complaints that it hurts soooo bad.

We're doing great on time, but then hit a brick wall when she eats her breakfast. And it doesn't matter if it's a waffle or cold cereal, she is such a slow eater. I already knew this, I just wasn't confronted with the fact so bluntly. The boys will be done with 2-3 bowls of cereal and she will still be casually eating her first bowl. At least 20 minutes for one waffle or one bowl of cereal is crazy, right? Although, a healthy behavior, it is slightly irritating. I guess we'll need to just factor that in and get up even sooner, especially if she is going on the bus to school like she wants.

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Anonymous said...

might not hurt to have a breakfast bar to send her to the bus with! too funny..MOM