Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Toilet Connoisseur

My Gabriel made me very proud - he's finally making his #2's in the potty!! Which led to another, most hilarious discovery:

My son is a toilet connoisseur.

He has used/tried to use many various toilets throughout town and has a list of preferred qualities:

1. It cannot be automatic. It must have a manual flusher, so that he may control the flush when he is prepared.

2. He has expressed a "love" for Eljer toilets - if you did not know, the Taco Bell on North 27th Street has this aformentioned Eljer toilet and he will express desire to eat here solely because of that fact.

3. Any toilet used, must be named. Our toilet's name is Bob. Then there's Eljer at Taco Bell and Nana's toilet's name is Mary.

4. He has declared a preference to shorter toilets, for his obvious shortness in stature.

5. The quieter toilet, the better. If the toilet is loud, one must flush and run away. Again, an automatic toilet is discouraged for this very reason.

6. The ultimate toilet is Grandpa's, with it's lid that slowly closes without having to hold on to it. There is always an excitement in the air as we head to Grandma & Grandpa's house and "Grandpa's toilet."

So if you are with Gabriel and he needs to use the restroom, be prepared to answer all of his questions. Is it automatic? Is it a loud toilet? Is it a little toilet?

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The Kopfs said...


Way to go Gabriel!!!

I think Grandpa's toilet is a favorite among all the grandchildren. ;)