Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Splashing into Summer

So as the official "First Day of Summer" approaches, I feel already into the full swing of things consisting of:

  1. Sleeping in. (7:30AM, what a luxury!)
  2. Three at home... constantly. (Help ME!)
  3. Swimming, swimming, and swimming. (Swim lessons at YMCA, a newly acquired backyard pool - thanks, Kim, and family swim nights for $5 at the local pools.)
  4. Krista's hair getting lighter and lighter in the sunshine.
  5. Weekly zoo visits! (Baby Lemurs are so adorable!)
  6. Summer Reading Program in full swing. (I better win that Kindle Fire!)
  7. Mowing/pulling weeds. (This makes me sad.)
  8.  Bugs. (This makes me very sad.)
  9. Looking forward to summer grill-out's and the 4th of July! (Love these!)
  10.  Relaxed Bedtimes. (=relaxed Mommy.)

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