Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cart Wars

After a melt-down situation during our last shopping trip, where Krista (the big girl) got so upset to tears/whining because she did not get a turn in the "car" cart, I decided to have a talk with the kids before going shopping again.

Me: Okay, we are going to the grocery store and if they have a car cart available I will get it. Now, who is sitting in the cart?
Gabriel & Logan: ME!
Krista: Well, Gabriel, maybe you can give me a turn, too.
G: No, I can't.
K: Why?
G: Because I have crazy legs and they can't walk.
M: Laughing.
G: Stop laughing, Mommy!
M: Laughing louder and hitting the steering wheel.
G: Mom, don't hit the steering wheel... laughing.
K: OK Gabriel, you can sit in the cart the whole time.

Good going, girl - and she did a great job being my helper! And, yes, Gabriel truly does have crazy legs. We are trying no chocolate again, I think it's the third day - so far, so good!

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