Saturday, August 24, 2013

Howdy-Ho Here We Go

Sorry to my target audience (mom), who checks my blog every day!! I can't guarantee a regular update, but I do what I can/when I feel like it...

Summer was super-fun-lazy-time. The kids spent the time playing in their pool, at the zoo, at the library, and mostly at home. Krista and Logan both had one set of swimming lessons, but boy are those expensive. They both did great - Krista got reacquainted with the deep end, still getting her arms strong enough to go across the pool. Logan started out not even able to walk in the shallow end with his balance issues, but at the end he was able to walk independently. He loves being in the water. Gabriel was scared and refused, then recanted (too late to join the lesson) and was miserable every time we went to the pool to watch his brother and sister do their lessons. After that we decided to join the gym, we are hoping to get him used to being in the water before signing him up for lessons.

 I want to go in!

 Krista's Backfloat.

Logan's Backfloat.

Zoo Time!

Another big part of our summer included:

Ice Pops!

The kids also love their slumber parties at Grandma/Grandpa's house. Krista truly discovered her love of reading and devoured chapter book after chapter book. Logan and Gabriel bonded so much that all Logan does, while his brother is at school, is ask when we can go pick him up...

It was a great summer and Krista said it went by faster than last year - it's only the beginning, sweetie, whole years will pass by in the blink of an eye!

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