Monday, August 26, 2013

Window to My Mouth

We've had our first week of school, woohoo! Due to the excruciating heat, the kiddo's have had early dismissal after lunch every school day. We're supposed to get A/C this year, but the project was delayed from a small fire/smoke damage in the school (during construction).

Krista is adjusting well. She was nervous and scared at first, but now that things are rolling, she seems comfortable enough. She still misses her old school, but is making friends and getting familiar with her new one.

Gabriel loves Kindergarten. After an extended first wiggly tooth period, he finally lost it during lunch at school last week. He told me that he now has a window in his mouth! The tooth fairy came to visit and left him a $1 golden coin. He was very excited.

Logan got some new AFO's and subsequently, new "huge" shoes. Normally, he wears a size 8 toddler shoe, but with the AFO's,  he wears an 11 1/2. He has boasted about his new shoes to anyone we are around and wants to show them how fast he is in them. I've been trying to adjust his straps to accommodate and it's been trial and error, they always want to pop off and unravel. I'll get a good shot of them if he ever stands still!

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