Monday, December 15, 2008


We are constantly learning in our household. Krista and I created a new "game" the other day that she loves to play.

T: What happens if you push your brother?
K: Go to time out!
T: That's right, so don't hit your brother. (I start to get distracted with something else.)
K: Do it again, mom. Do it again!
T: OK.. What happens if you don't share?
K: Go to time out! (Big smile.)
T: What happens if you..... say no to Mama or Papa?
K: Go to time out!
T: What happens if you.... hug your brother?
K: ... That was nice!

And on and on we go. I am so proud of the way she absorbs the concept of right and wrong and understands the resulting consequences. It's fun to watch the little wheels crank away in her little mind.

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