Monday, December 22, 2008

Gabriel's 12 Mos Checkup

Last Thursday, Gabriel had his 12 mos. well-care child visit. He's 22lbs (48 percentile), 30" (50 percentile) and his head is also around the 50 percentile. So, he's a perfectly average size in every way. He hasn't been gaining weight like he was and is thinning down now, but that is normal at this age as they are moving more and more. He crawls around the house and gets into everything now. He wants to walk around holding fingers now, too. The doctor said he looked great and his language ability is above the curve since he can say so many words. The poor baby got four shots and a finger prick at this visit. He was such a champ during the finger prick and blood draw and didn't make a peep. He didn't like the shots so much, though. But once Mama picked him up, he settled down and took a nice long nap when we got home.

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