Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here They Come!

The Christmas lights are out in full force. Even some of our neighbors have lights on their houses. And then there's that "one" house with so many lights, it's like a winter wonderland creating a beacon of light on the block. Krista loves this house and insists that we always drive past the "big one" when we drive home. She sees them coming and a very excited, screeching high-pitched toddler voice shouts out, "Here they come!" Many "wows" follow as she gets her fix.

Ansel is at the height of excitement as well because the delivery men are out in full force. Any time he hears one of their trucks, which he can hear from miles away, he barks like a crazy dog. We have our fair amount of deliveries with all our packages flooding in from Nana this week. Ansel has spent a fair amount of kennel time the last few days when I just get fed up.

Gabriel loves the Christmas trees with their round ornaments. A couple of his new words are used daily as he gazes at the tree, "tree" and "ball".

We are all ready for Christmas/Jesus' birthday (which we now have to have a birthday cake for Jesus per Krista), but can't believe it's already just a week away!

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