Monday, December 1, 2008

Bad Mommy!

Recently, my lack of parental supervision has really shined. Maybe it is because I have been sick the last few days or my kids are being more mischievous... this is what I came into the room and found at different occasions:

--Three streaks of red crayon marks and three streaks of yellow crayon marks on the couch - Krista owned up to this when I asked her if she did it with a proud, "Yes, I did!"

--Gabriel sitting in a puddle of red punch, his pants and socks soaked red with Krista's cup from dinner in his hand. I did put the drink up on the Babee Tenda (high chair) table, but his reach has amazingly gotten longer recently (baby's grow? whooda thunkit!).

--Gabriel standing in the bathtub, unable to get out and me standing there wondering how he got in there without conking his head open.

--Krista sitting on Gabriel's back, while Gabriel is flat on his tummy on the ground unable to move - she was laughing and he was whining (maybe she'll be a professional wrestler?).

And all I can say for myself is, "But, I only turned my back on them for a second!"

1 comment:

Anna said...

I turned my back for a second once and Elliot had gotten outside.

I did it again and he was diving off the back of the couch.

They're sneaky!