Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Big Day

Today was the day. I was determined to make it THE day. I pulled out the big boy underwear for Gabriel. I told him he was going to wear it. I physically forced it on his flailing limbs. He scream cried for a good solid 15 minutes... begging for a diaper.

Finally, he calmed down. He realized that the fate of the world did not rest on him wearing a disposable poop rag. He calmed down enough for Nana to talk to him about using the potty. Nana went potty and got candy. Krista went potty and got candy. Gabriel shouts, "I'm ready now!"

He sat and sat and sat some more. Finally, after some pez, a drink and running water in the sink, he made a potty. The confetti fell from the ceiling. There was loud rejoicing and the angels sang hallelujah. The celebration called for nothing less than gummy worms.

He wore the same pair of underwear all morning. He went potty 2 more times and a little more quickly each time he sat. The afternoon was rough for the little guy. After waking up from his nap wet, he had 2 more accidents and 2 unsuccessful potty sittings. We try again tomorrow with some new super hero underwear as incentive. We may need more worms...

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