Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tiny Graduate & Early Gifts

There is a direct correlation in my world between the cleanliness of my house and blogging. When my house is a disaster area, there are no blogs posted. When I feel like it's not as bad, I can sit back and type out a quick post... so you can imagine that it hasn't been too good lately.

The transition to Christmas is hard on top of the already hard to control mess of 3 kids under the age of 5. We do have the tree up and I finished MOST of my shopping online yesterday. By the way, waiting until the so-called "Cyber" Monday was not worth it. First of all, the deals (for what I was getting) was better way before Black Friday & most of the items were still in stock. Next year, *if I remember*, I will get everything early.

Yesterday Krista graduated. I know she's only 4 and I was surprised, too, but she is pretty bright. Okay, actually she just graduated from Toddler Time (toddler story time - if you click the link and go to the toddler time section, there is a slide show with us on it) at Lincoln City Libraries Anderson Branch. As she walked to receive her diploma, yes she got a diploma, I was so proud. While I didn't get to see her march around the library with her graduation hat on, I did hear it was grand (with the graduation march playing in the background).

Josh got most of his Christmas presents early this year - a couple of Xbox games and online access for his Xbox. He's like a little kid at Christmas, so I hope he won't be disappointed that he has nothing under the tree.

We both got some new bedding for our bedroom that brightens it up a bit. Most of the bedding we looked at was garishly bright or really boring... I thought this was somewhere in the middle and I'm really enjoying it. The set we got came with two pillow shams and since we didn't have any curtains (except the sheer floor length ones), I decided to use the second shams as curtains. Inspiration comes from my mom's napkin kitchen window curtains.

On top of the Christmas holiday, we have Gabriel's birthday coming up. He has requested a Wonder Pets birthday themed party. Let's just hope the kids get over their colds in time to enjoy it!

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