Monday, November 15, 2010

The Outsider/Giant Baby

Krista and Gabriel are bonding more and more and playing together with less arguments every day. Gabriel recently started using his imagination to play in full force and can now keep up with his big sister. He told me the other day that he's not "baby G" anymore, he's "big G." Poor Logan, currently the one on the outskirts - he wants to play with his siblings, but is too little to do what they are doing.

Unless.... Giant Baby attacks! Then they all play a very LOUD game where the older two run into a room squealing and wait for Logan to quick-crawl into the room, screaming "AAAAaaaaaahh!" Krista will shout, "Oh NO, giant baby's coming!!" The game ends in giggles as they run from room to room.

I wonder what the dynamic will be when Logan gets a big enough to play with them. Will the boys go play cars/legos and leave Krista with her Barbies and Polly Pockets? They are all pretty close in age, so it's hard to say. Growing up, I had the relationship that Krista and Gabriel have. I tried to boss Joey (my younger brother) around and he tried to do everything in his power to annoy me. We had many fights, but we always ended up playing together - whether it be Barbies, Legos, GI Joes or with a mix of toys. I have great memories and am glad my kids are on the way to making their own.

*Photo is of Logan watching Krista and Gabriel play with tiny Hello Kitty toys in the kitchen, separated by the baby gate.

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