Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Night of Horror

It started out innocently enough... we got ready to go eat at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Nana stayed home with Logan, so we wouldn't have to worry about entertaining a baby at the restaurant (and keeping everything hot/breakable out of his surprisingly long reach).

The dinner was great. We called ahead and didn't have to wait very long with the massive crowd in their poorly designed waiting room. The service was fast and friendly and we were seated off to the side, so it wasn't even that loud. The food came out and everything was as we ordered it.

Krista gulped down two Cherry Limeades and not much food in no time flat. Gabriel also gulped down his Cherry Limeade while consuming cheese fries with ranch and lots of peanuts.... I'm sure you can guess where this is headed... yes, down a bad road. Gabriel got some ice cream for having a birthday recently, but he would not sit on the saddle and huddled by me in fear when they came to the table.

Krista said her tummy hurt and I told her I was headed to the ladies room, so she came with me. After we went to the restroom, she said she was feeling much better and I warned her not to drink sugar pop so quickly next time. We headed back to the table and...

Josh was on my side of the table. My first thought was that Gabriel was mad that I left the table and Papa went to sit by him. Then I saw Josh's blank stare of shock and horror. I saw a white washcloth. And then I saw IT. Gabriel's dinner had come back up and projectile-style landed into his ice cream bowl.

When he got out of the bench all he could say was, "Mommy, I got sick. Mommy..... I want another bite of my ice cream!! Waahh!" So he was more upset at the fact that we had to leave and he couldn't eat anymore of his ice cream. Poor little dude, he was like a broken record all the way home, "Mommy, I got sick at Texas Roadhouse." He just kept repeating that phrase over and over in his 'sad' little voice.

I'm just grateful that they weren't both sick, as it could have easily happened.

In other horrifying news: Krista's two bottom front teeth are loose -- we're going to start the gap-tooth phase! Yikes, they grow so fast!

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