Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rambling Post

The holiday season is quickly winding down. My house, being small and ill-equipped to handle my love of small holiday clutter (Christmas snow globes, Willow Tree Angels, Stuffed Penguins), is ready to get a make-under. If our dream of having a larger house is ever attained, I will be excited to make it sparkle for the holidays.

My large "old-fashioned" TV that I bought 5-6 years ago died yesterday. I mourn his passing. He was bought when we had the extra cash on hand to purchase a new TV on a whim (the movie I rented would not play on Josh's Playstation 2, so we went out and bought a new, larger TV with a DVD player and VHS player built in). I am embarrassed to admit the movie, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen starring pre-alcoholic Lindsey Lohan, was completely not worth it. BUT... the TV was great, for a while.

Two years into the purchase the DVD player would not work right, even when we tried to clean it. It was still pretty solid for what we used it for. Then, a year later, it started getting weird lines at the top of the picture. We could even abide by that, the kids mainly watched their/my old VHS Disney collection on it. So it was never a perfect purchase - from the impulse buy to it's young age of death. I'll tell you how it happened, too. I simply walked past it and it turned off. My electrical magnetism killed the TV. I felt a small electric shock, less than the charge I get after getting out of the car. Now it sits, blankly staring with it's dirty dusted face, full of tiny hand prints and a VHS of the movie E.T. stuck in the player.

They don't sell the old "regular" TV's anymore. So, I did my research and got a smaller flat screen for the empty hole in my TV cabinet. Now I just have to get a VHS player or Krista will no longer get to watch her favorite film, Cinderella.

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