Monday, December 20, 2010

This is Sea-we-us!

Yes, this is SERIOUS. I'm totally slacking on posting lately. Gabriel's birthday was last week and we had a Wonderpet good time.

Here's the spread - Wonderpet "Tuck" cake, delicious punch, and celery, of course!

Here's some detail on the Tuck cake that Josh decorated... using only a knife*, spreading the frosting on the cake. *Side Note: Husbands can never find anything without help, for example cake decorating tools like icing tips.

The cousins have arrived and Gabriel has found a comfortable place among the girls!

Our lovely Wonderpets banner:

Present enjoyment - a cool new power tool!

Here's some additional footage of Gabriel enjoying his new Follow Me Thomas and him blowing out his candles like a pro (the girls are so excited in the background when he does it, too!).

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