Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Choosing Words Carefully

Now that Krista talks all the time, I've noticed she has chosen key words that she likes to use. Things like, "I need mato's (tomato's)." And, "I can't pick up toys." The only thing I wonder is if I overuse these phrases, too, or if she aquired them all on her own. And she says it in such a way to make me believe she truly does NEED the item she's talking about or that she somehow physically CAN'T do what I want her to do. It's funny how kids can latch on to certain words and phrases, when learning how to communicate.

Gabriel's not quite at the verbal communication stage, but he's very adept at yelling loudly for attention. A loud, "AHhhhhh," when he wants some juice in a sippy cup. So now that I've fulfilled Krista and Gabriel's need of orange juice, I have about 5 minutes of peaceful silence - at least until the next need is realized.

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