Saturday, September 6, 2008

Garage Sale Adventures

This past Thursday Nana, the kids and I went on a garage sale adventure. Nana gave Krista a dollar and some change to put in her purse to buy a toy. She also brought her pocketbook to spoil the kids with some purchases. We were set to go. So across town we drove to a neighborhood sale. House one=bust. House two=bust. House three=JACKPOT. Or so we thought.

We found a toddler little tikes climber/slide, some books and a few toys that Nana bought. Now we had a dilemma - how to get a large, plastic climb on toy in my little car with 2 adults and 2 car seats? We incorrectly assumed this plastic toy would just pop apart. No, it had at least 2 phillips screws attaching the slide. A neighbor was sitting at the owner's house at this sale, so no help finding a screwdriver there.

So, round two - after going to Super Target to obtain some tools - we took the very long phillips screws out of the slide and popped it off. The owner was back at her house, a very bubbly blonde who wanted to get rid of her stuff. The two of us could not figure out how the rest of the toy came apart (she had bought it together in one piece). So we both tried several times to wedge it in my car - first in the trunk, then the passenger seat (two ways), then back to the trunk. We finally got it down in the trunk far enough to tie it down. Then we drove slowly all the way back across town where I successfully pulled the toy out of the trunk and reassembled it. Then we were off to another garage sale that happened to be down the block, where a jackpot of little people toys were found.

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