Friday, September 19, 2008

Krista's Teeth

Krista had her very first dentist appointment yesterday. She was a star patient. She followed the dental assistant to the special room for younger patients. She brushed the stuffed monkey's teeth with a giant toothbrush. She let the dental assistant brush her teeth and then let her brush on flouride. She let the dentist look at her teeth. She picked a bouncy ball as her prize. The dentist said no plaque, it looks like we're doing everything great. They also say not to give your kids fruit snacks or gummy snacks and limit juice.... they must not have kids - those are the best snacks in Krista's mind! Oh well, don't tell the dentist, but she'll still get those as snacks!

Of course, now (after visiting the DR's office on Tues and the Dentist's office on Thurs) Krista has caught a cold... a nice runny nose and slight fever today - I never get away from those visits without a cold. In the near future I expect Gabriel to catch it from Krista and Josh and I will catch it from him.

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