Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sugar & Spice

I swear that poem that relates to girls being made from sugar and spice and everything nice is true and that boys are made from snails and puppy dog tails is also true. Krista is a true sweetheart and has done some very nice things lately to be on my good list:

1. The other night after the bedroom door was closed for bedtime I heard Gabriel start to fuss and cry and then I heard Krista begin to sing, "Jingle Bells... Jingle Bells...." Instead of whining or telling him to be quiet, she was trying to sooth him with a song.

2. Anytime we are around other kids (even kids she doesn't know) she goes right up to them to be friends. She wants to give them all hugs and kisses and be sweet to them.

3. Lately, Krista has been good at sharing as well. Handing Gabriel some of her prized possession toys including her "new" magic wand, tea cup and little people toys.

Gabriel on the other hand has been crawling lately. He crawled to the dog food bowl and tipped it upside down in a matter of seconds. He likes to get close to the animals so he can grab and pull their fur. He likes paper because he likes to crumple and tear it up in a destructive manner. He definitely going to keep me on my toes - a polar opposite to his sister!

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