Saturday, October 25, 2008

Child Superheroes

If my children were superheroes, Krista would be "The Mimic" and Gabriel would be "The Bull".

Krista, the amazing mimic, can sound like anyone she wants. Currently, she's been addressing me by saying, "Tina! ....garble garble garble." It's funny how accurate she has Josh's voice inflection when he's telling me something, she just doesn't know what words to use besides my name.

Gabriel, the raging bull, can charge any hard object. He goes full force with his his head down and rams hard furniture. Then he's all like, "oh here's the table." He looks up at this point and climbs up to standing.

The kids will next appear in a comedy sitcom and Krista will reinact the time where she ran across the room, her foot steps through a circle shaped toy and she trips and falls (canned laughter would ensue).

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