Sunday, October 26, 2008


As an addendum to my previous post, I wanted to list my child superheroes' abilities.

Krista has several and they are varied:
  • Can emit a high pitch squeal that only dogs can hear
  • Mind Control - just by saying "mine," every object belongs to her AND she can elicit responses by giving commands, "Mommy, YOU want to go outside?!!"
  • Gives hugs and kisses that will melt your heart

Gabriel also has a few good ones:

  • Emits a contagious laugh that is irresistible
  • Sucks all the air out of the room in one deep, squealing inhale
  • Super-fast reflexes, he can grab the glasses off your face before you even "see" it coming

These are pretty good powers, but I have some of my own to counter them and keep them in check:

  • Sad Face - Krista cannot let me have a sad face and will comply with any command if it will make Mommy happy
  • Magic Countdown - if you don't listen by the count of 1, the world WILL explode
  • Juggling Act - doing multiple tasks with a heavy child in one arm and another running around my feet

I bet you're pretty impressed, huh? It is quite fantastic.

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