Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Gabriel has the most contagious laugh. When he starts going, we all start laughing. Usually it's Krista that somehow makes him laugh. Last night on our way home, Gabriel started getting fussy. Krista started singing, "Round and round the mulberry bush." He was still fussy. Then she says, "Goobert, goobert, goobert!" Gabriel must have thought that was hilarious, because he then started laughing his contagious laugh. And because he thought it was funny and Mommy started laughing, Krista did it again. More laughter. And the cycle continued until we got home.

On another *update* note: Gabriel is now pulling up to his feet all the time. This morning when I went to get him, he was standing in his crib. He's starting to move his feet a bit when he's standing and he almost dared to cruise from the laundry basket to his activity walker. He will definitely be my little dare-devil.

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