Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crib Saga Continues

And continues.... A few months ago I posted about how our beautiful crib was recalled. We went through the ridiculous process of removing the hardware from the crib, sending it to the company, waiting for a voucher, and finally receiving the voucher in the mail. Thanks to Joe & Ashley, we were able to borrow their crib in the interim (so Gabriel was not rolling and crawling around on the floor instead of sleeping at night).

The voucher we received can only be redeemed at Babies R Us for a crib purchase, oh and we can't redeem it online. The first trip to Omaha and Babies R Us, the ONLY convertible crib (like we had before) that was priced under the voucher amount was out of stock and could not be ordered. So we waited another month and then took another trip to Omaha and Babies R Us, a new convertible crib was there that would work (it was white instead of cherry color, but good enough compromise). Of course, it wasn't in stock, but they could order it this time and let me know it would be there in 7-14days.

We waited two weeks and did not hear anything, so we called them. Oh yes, it's in and ready to be picked up. So another trip to Omaha and the crib is picked up. We wait another day for Grandma & Grandpa to bring it back to Lincoln in their truck. We then disassemble the borrowed crib, haul in the giant crib box and open it. Oops, wrong crib! It's not the same color, style OR brand. This is really starting to be fun. So, back to Omaha the wrong crib goes. We reassemble the borrowed crib and now we get to wait another two weeks for them to order the crib we wanted again. We'll then have to coordinate another trip to pick the crib up again and get Grandma & Grandpa's hauling capabilities to Lincoln.

Really?! I estimated some of the frustration involved, but apparently not to the fullest extent. So, thank you, Jardine, for your inferior crib quality and thank you, Babies R Us, for the extra trouble.

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Anonymous said...

you really really need to post the same comments on Babies R Us website and perhaps even under the Crib Makers site!!! Lov Ya Grandma