Monday, January 26, 2009

Max & Ruby

Max and Ruby... Ruby and Max... This is one of Krista's favorite Noggin shows. Some of you don't get this gem of a station targeted to preschoolers, while the rest of us are "blessed" with it and get to watch it - a LOT. Krista's 3rd birthday is coming up and she requested a Max & Ruby themed birthday. The following printable coloring picture is of the adorable twosome.

She loves all the Max & Ruby books by Rosemary Wells as well. We have checked them out from our local library on many occasions. And she has been singing a song she heard on the show all week:

Brown Sugar, Applesauce. Apple Pie is Fun to Make!

Of course, her two year old mind can remember more of the lyrics than I can even remember to post while she is asleep... oh well, just have her sing it to you when you see her. She may pull the shy act and you'll get nothing, but you may have a chance.

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