Monday, January 12, 2009

Midnight Rocker

Gabriel rocks the night away in his crib - such a vastly, polar opposite of Krista, in yet another way. Krista would wake up in the same spot, same position where she fell asleep. Gabriel is in a different spot every time you peek in to their room. And you'll hear him in the middle of the night, "Aaaaaaaahhhhh...." Thuh-thunk, Thuh-thunk, Thuh-thunk (over and over again). He gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth to soothe himself back to sleep. And what's Krista doing? She's got the blanket over her face, laying still as stone in her bed, pressed against the wall.

On another side note, Krista has had no more nightmares to report, but she is still scared of the moon.


Jen said...

maybe get her that cute children's book about the kitten trying to get the moon. it looks like a bowl of milk in a reflection in water...really cute. I think its like the Kitten and the Moon, or something close. It is adorable!!

Amazing the differences of siblings!! And that of little boys + girls...

Tina said...

She used to love the moon, we read "Good Night Moon" & "Papa Please Get the Moon for Me"- she always searches for the moon in the sky, day and night. Such a fascination made her imagination run wild, I'm sure. She still wants to "keep tabs" on the moon, but now she says, "I don't like the moon." But, hopefully, she'll move on and forget about the dream.