Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nightmare Imagination

Another reason why toddlers are not good parents:

Krista's imagination somehow thought baby needed a chip clip pinched on his head. I'm not sure how that works into her play family's story. All she kept saying was, "What happened to baby?" Well, that's an easy one... YOU!

And as her imagination grows, we encounter new problems to deal with... for instance, last night Krista had her first "real" nightmare (not just a book or toy poking her in the night). As she clung on to me with her thin, monkey arms, she just kept saying, "The moon is coming to get me!" The sheer terror in her voice made me want to weep. After some consoling, a potty trip, a Papa talk, re-tucking in, a song, and leaving the door ajar, she was able to go back to sleep. Not wanting to set hard to break habits, it took all my willpower not to invite her to our bed and it apparently took all Josh's willpower not to lay in there with her last night. But she did go back to sleep and she seems fine this morning after sleeping in a bit longer than normal.

I'm sure with such an active imagination, we'll have our fair share of nightmare nights with Krista. It may be time for a night light, I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

My poor baby - hope this does not continue! love & hugs Grandma