Monday, February 23, 2009

Buzzworthy Oscar Party

Josh and I were extremely excited last night. Finally, the hour was upon us and it was time. We had our signature cocktails mixed. We were dressed in our most formal attire, as were our guests. The glitz and glamour was glaringly bright. We settled down to enjoy the party, to watch the Academy Awards in all our shining splendor.....

Okay, so maybe we did not do any of that. Maybe I'm wrong, but does anyone in the real world really care about this? I guess perhaps if you know a celebrity or want to be a celebrity or are a celebrity stalker, maybe it's prevalent? It takes over the TV for weeks in anticipation and several of the channels are transformed to red carpet interviews. The only one that really bothers me is the TV Guide Channel. As it is no more a TV Guide, the coverage takes over the entire screen and it slowly scrolls what's on the other channels in two very tiny lines at the bottom of the screen.

Krista and I did watch the pre-show at 7PM as I rocked her and showed her the "princess" dresses. About 2 dresses into it, she was snoring. I got both kids to bed and watched about 10 minutes of presentations. I realized quickly that I only watched about 2 of the movies nominated for any of the categories presented. This happens every year. Most of the movies nominated are not what the general populous has seen. But, perhaps, I'm just out of the loop?

Secretly, I wish I could attend in person. I would wear a fabulous dress and borrowed diamonds. I could smile and be a celebrity for a day. I still probably wouldn't have watched any of the movies nominated and all the clapping would hurt my hands... So, in reality, during Oscar Night, I put the kids to bed and ran an errand to the grocery store while Josh played video games downstairs. Now that's Oscarworthy!

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