Friday, February 20, 2009

My Little Lady

My little lady turns 3 tomorrow. She has been ready for her birthday for the last two months. Every single day she asks if we can have a party, several times a day. She asks for a "pink" cake and a Max and Ruby party. She has stated she wants a Barbie car, a jewelry box, a wand, roller skates and a scooter. She is a true princess and loves to dress up and wear her crown. Her favorite color is pink and she loves shoes. She also loves to be the "mom" and tells me to eat my breakfast and not to spill syrup on my shirt.

She is awesome at sharing and being "nice". Sometimes she has to be reminded to share with her brother, but she constantly amazes me when she selflessly gives him something that is special to her. Even when other kids are not so nice to her, she shows her true colors. Even after toys are taken from her in a harsh manner, she picks up a new toy and tries to share it with her adversary (there was an incident at the children's museum).

My laid-back, tiny, baby girl turns 3 tomorrow. She is a wonder and I love her dearly. Have a wonderful birthday, sweetheart!

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