Thursday, February 19, 2009


Krista's adept skills as a mimic can have shocking and also funny results at times.

K: What the hell? (repeated after hearing this on TV - not to be confused with, "She's going down to hell!" She's actually saying "hill" instead of "hell", but it's too close to tell most of the time.)

K: Come on, dude! (repeated after hearing Papa say these words while driving.)

K: I'll beat you! (repeated after Josh or I have said it to each other as a joke, but she says it to her brother later in a serious tone.)

Gabriel repeats single words, which is common for his age.

G: Good!

G: Juice?!

G: Ball!

On a side note, as I wrote this blog entry the kids enjoyed their lunch. Well, Krista enjoyed hers and Gabriel ate his banana and fell asleep at his table - that's a first! I hope he doesn't have a cold, that's usually the only scenario where my kids fall asleep randomly.

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