Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lesson #1: Pay Attention

As a mom of two young children, I learn new things every day. I want to try to relay my lessons in a funny way because I was probably not laughing the first time around.

Lesson #1 is Pay Attention. This seems obvious. Pay attention and watch what your kids are doing, otherwise you're going to end up with a toddler-sized shopping cart rammed into your heels so hard that you want to cry. But you can't cry, because you're standing in the middle of the frozen foods aisle with a toddler looking about to cry herself. So, you suck it up and walk it off and after about 5 minutes, it doesn't hurt so much anymore. Remember to breathe deeply and try not to talk.

I have many more lessons to come after they've been processed through my slow moving head. Maybe I'll post one weekly or more or less - we'll see.

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