Thursday, February 12, 2009

Power of Prayer

As a Catholic, I strongly believe in the power of prayer and faith. Recently, Josh was reading about Our Lady of Fatima and read that Mary, the Mother of God, appeared to three children and asked them to pray more. She specifically told the children to pray the rosary each day and to spread this message.

We, as Catholics, believe that Mary was a human born without sin. She is the Mother of God and though we do not worship her, we do send our prayers to her so that she knows we need her prayers. She then, "pray(s) for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death," like the Hail Mary states.

Based on all of this, Josh and I have started dedicating 15 or more minutes of our night to pray the rosary. We have been dedicating these prayers to others who most need them. So if you have any specific or non-specific intentions that need prayers, let me know and we will dedicate our nightly prayer for you. I really think that prayer helps this world tremendously and have hope that more will begin or continue to have quiet reflection and prayer time with God.

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