Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Check-Ups & Shots

Yesterday, Krista and Gabriel had a dual well-care child doctor's visit. Gabriel has a nice cold with cough and runny nose. Krista is getting it to some degree, too, as she was sick in the car last night - all over herself and her carseat. Here's the stats from the doctor's visit:

Krista - now weighs 29lbs and is 37.5" tall. Her height was the same as her last visit, but they think it was a measuring snafu that happened during her last visit. She is in the 50-75% for both height and weight. Dr. Bargen was impressed that she knows her colors and can count to 12. She converses easily now and understands what you tell her. With that, she is now asserting more defiance and thinks she's being funny. She did not have to get any shots during this visit and her next well-care appointment is not until next year.

Gabriel - now weighs 22lbs 13oz and is 31.5" tall. His weight is down because everything was going straight through him for the past three weeks and he is walking more, which is that stage where the toddler starts to come through all the baby fat. He is in the 62% for height and the 23% for weight. He was a crabby little patient, but typical for an average 15 month old - especially one with a cold! He didn't have pneumonia or any infections and the cold should run it's course. He had to get two shots, one in each meaty thigh. I think he cried more just because I laid him down, not necessarily that he was getting poked. He gets to go back in 3 months for his 18 month appointment.

Josh and I were marveling that it's just a whole new experience with Gabriel, since he is a typical crabby toddler with tantrums. Krista was so laid back and delayed in a few areas that it's exciting to see the differences. Now we just wonder what the new baby will bring!

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