Thursday, March 5, 2009

Po' Boy

Gabriel has been suffering lately and so has his mom. Dirty diapers every time I turn around and a sore bottom making the change a very loud task. This went on for a week and per our doctor when this happens it can be up to two weeks before it slows down. But then the fever struck and the poor guy was not happy. Always peaking at about 104 before I would give him Motrin. On the third day, we went to see the doctor. On top of the dirty diapers and fever, he tossed his cookies after lunch and had some blood in his stool... So the doctor then had to poke his finger for blood and took his dirty diaper for some tests. The blood results are indicating that he possibly has a bacterial infection and the diaper results are pending (probably will get them tomorrow). On the up side, he is doing much better today. He didn't wake up hot and feverish, he's been playing and not stuck to mommy's lap today. We postponed our doctors appointment until they get the diaper results and call us. I'll update you all when we have more information.

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Ashley said...

That really sucks, Tina! Hope the little man gets to feeling better soon!

Does he like to take baths? Because if you put some baking soda in the water, that really helps with the diaper rash, if you just let him soak his little buns in there for a while. Probably would feel good on his skin too, if he's still running fevers.