Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bunny Ears, Elephants & Clowns

Josh really wanted to take Krista to the circus this year, but then we never got around to actually buying the tickets. Luckily, some free tickets were offered through a local mom group I am in and Josh was able to take Krista after all. She got the royal treatment from Papa. Spoiled with light-up bunny ears, cotton candy, lemonade, a pretzel and a wand (which is actually a sword). Her favorite part of the circus, aside from her treasures, included the lady that could change her dress in seconds multiple times and the guys "talking" with whistles. When they came home, my little princess was sound asleep in her car seat with her bunny ears flashing and her "wand" lit up and smashed right by her face. What an angelic sight that was!

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