Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spiderman & Crazy Lady

The kids showed two new sides of themselves today, which were quite alarming and funny at the same time.

Gabriel was the spiderman and yes I did sing, "Spiderkid, spiderkid... does whatever a spiderkid does!" We were touring houses today to see what was out there available and in one house there was a sunken family room. Gabriel decided to crawl down the stairs sideways. He put his left hand down one step, then his left foot, then followed with the right side of his body. On another occasion he decided just to go crawling down with his hands first. He was slow and spiderlike, like a move you would see a possessed kid do on a scary movie.

Krista was the crazy lady. First she told me that when we left for Nana's house, Crocket (the cat) would have brass eyes and Ansel would turn into a baby. Then she promptly asked if she could eat me. When we were out at houses, she kept asking the realtor's, "what's going on?" She said it in a confused, old lady-like voice. And just now, she had blue gatorade and oreo's, so she has black and blue smears all over her crazy lady mouth/face. It makes her even creepier when she says bizzare things, "Will you eat my heart, mommy?!!"

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