Monday, June 21, 2010

An Adjustment: Pros and Cons

My husband has a new job working in one of our fine, state-run facilities. He trained for 5 weeks, had a graduation and is now working his new schedule. Luckily, he got first shift, which runs from 6AM-2PM (with a working lunch). Our weekends are now Thursday and Friday, as he works from Saturday through Wednesday. This has been quite the adjustment that I'm still wrapping my head around.

Con: He has to get up at 4:50AM (it only took me 3 days to get used to this and now I pretty much sleep through him getting up).

Pro: He's off early in the afternoon and has more time to spend with the kids.

Con: He has to work holiday's if it's not one of his "weekend" days.

Pro: He gets paid a lot more on holiday's.

Con: Saturday now feels like Monday.

Pro: Our weekends are during the regular work week and it greatly reduces traffic and crowds when we do family activities outside our home.

Con: He is usually hungry for dinner at 3PM.

Pro: It's a lot easier to make dinner when he is home so early to help with the kids.

Con: We have to go to Mass on Saturday or Sunday night. It feels like we are going on a Monday Night, which really throws me off.

Pro: We will probably start a new family tradition of going out to eat after Mass.

Con: One day a week he usually crashes/falls asleep at 8PM, right after the kids are put to bed.

Pro: One day a week I have a night all to myself!

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