Thursday, June 24, 2010


Remember when I wrote a post about how Gabriel was creeping us out after he got up from his naps?

Well, yesterday I was snapping pictures of Krista with Logan when this happened...

Gabriel insisted that he wanted to get his picture taken with Krista and Logan, but refused to get next to them. The picture you just saw above is what actually happened, but below is what I perceived:

Really creepy, huh?

Well... maybe only Josh and I will think this is funny - but we had some good laughs tonight!


Anonymous said...

ok...can you say...
hahaha just kidding

Tina said...

he's your grandchild! haha.. wait till you live here and you turn around and he's silently watching you from the doorway!

Anonymous said...

Stopppppp!!! You're creeping me out! tell me he doesn't do's a little scary down in the dungeon without running into Damien from the Omen in the doorway when there is no other way out of the dungeon but the stairs he is on! Yikes! But I love him anyway,Nana