Thursday, August 7, 2008

Abiyoyo Feet

One of Krista's newest favorite books is Abiyoyo by Pete Seeger. Josh/Papa bought it for her recently. He had first seen it at B&N when she was a newborn and had wanted to get it since. Anyhow, we have since read the book over and over and over and over again. Now we have several "Abiyoyo" references we use with Krista. When we take off her favorite "blue" shoes, her feet are all gunky and stinky (b/c these are kind of like crocs that she wears with no socks). So she now wants us to smell her feet and say, "Whew, you've got stinky Abiyoyo feet!" She can't get enough of that. If her hair needs combed, she has Abiyoyo hair. If her nails need trimmed, she has Abiyoyo nails. So any reference to poor hygiene equals the giant in the book Abiyoyo. Also, she has a pencil that is her "magic wand" (since she lost her real wand at Target - which she will tell you if you ask her) and she will "Zoop" you with it. So you may see her tap her brother with a pencil and say "zoop!" Which is funny because when the father in the Abiyoyo book does this it makes whatever he "zoops" dissappear.

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