Friday, August 29, 2008


We had closure with Gramps by attending his rosary, funeral and burial the last two days. His burial really gave the final note with the gun salute, folding and presenting the flag - since he was a veteran of WWII. Now to change gears, we are excited to have a visit from Nana. The kids love Nana visits because they get spoiled with presents and another person here during the day to show off to. One side effect of having Nana stay with us is a clean house. I have never been a clean/organized person when it comes to my living space and then I married someone who is even worse about it than I am. But, I'm guaranteed assistance in cleaning our space when Nana visits. For about a week before she comes we straighten, vacuum, dust, scrub floors & walls. This visit, though, it's been condensed into fewer hours since we've been busy with other things (see above). I think we're ready and the kids are ready for a visit from Nana!

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