Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Today I am 28 years old. So far I have been given many nice Happy Birthday wishes, including a "Happy Birtday, Mommy" from Krista. Josh took me to have donuts this morning before he had to go to work, yum! I've received some nice gifts from family that I appreciate, thanks!

More than that, though, a birthday is a good time to reflect on the year and how things are going. This past year a new member was added to my family - a very loud, roly-poly boy that I couldn't love more. My daughter is becoming a very sweet and compassionate person (with a few toddler/selfish/tantrum moments thrown in). Josh and I are as strong as ever as a couple. We are financially sound, no excess, but not hurting either. Overall, it's been a good year. I can only hope that the years to come match the fun and challenges that this one brought. Happy Birthday to me!

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MOM said...

Happy Birthday my beloved daughter!
love you - MOM