Friday, August 8, 2008

The Hole

I look out the front door and see, in addition to our sparse/crab-grassy yard, a big gaping hole. Yeah, last night the water main broke. Luckily it happened at about 7:15 PM before it got dark. Our neighbor across the street spotted the water gushing out of holes that burst through the concrete right in front of our house. Josh moved his car that was parked right on top of the hemorrhaging street and we watched the water as it began to fill the street and part of our yard. The city guy came out around 8 PM and was working on shutting off the water flow. By 8:30 PM the water was flooding into our yard a couple feet, just past our mailbox post. When we looked out again at 9:45 PM, the water was gone and there were big tractors digging a giant hole in the street. The hole is at least 5 foot deep. They were working until at least midnight. This morning there are no workers, just a big digging tractor and the hole with caution tape around it. Here's a couple pics of the scene:

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