Thursday, July 10, 2008


I'm not too picky when it comes to my hair. It's usually pulled back into a ponytail or braids off my face and away from grabby little hands. I get my hair cut once a year or so when I get really sick of the length. I cut it pretty short, hoping it will stay short for a while - but it never does. Well the other day, I did the craziest thing I have ever done with my hair. This is the ultimate "I don't really care" moment for my poor hair. I finished taking a shower, combed my long long hair (12" or so) and immediately pulled it back in a ponytail. Enter Josh.

J: Want me to cut it?
T: Yeah! (Enthusiastic sarcasm)
J: I can do it.
T: Really? OK - I don't care.
J: Come here.
T: OK.
J: Are you seriously going to let me cut it?
T: Yeah, do it.

And he did do it. He cut it right below my ponytail holder. It actually doesn't look too bad for having my husband hack off my hair. It is shorter in the back and longer at the sides, but it kind of looks like I wanted it on purpose. Well, I guess it just proves I'm not one of these people who freak out when they go to get their hair cut OR I'm crazy.


teamcraun said...

I want to see the new hair do!

Anna said...

Wow. That is one thing I don't think I could let Fred ever do! And I'm with Jen - I want to see the results!