Thursday, July 24, 2008

Potty Time Update

Today I said to myself, OK, you are going to set a timer and have Krista go to the potty chair each time the buzzer goes off. Of course, I have been saying this the past few days. So as incentive, I put Krista in big girl training underpants with the plastic underpant cover. Well... that plan flew out the window when Krista soaked them about 30 seconds later and she was sitting in it and not even caring. SO - back to diapers we went. I DID set the timer though and she did go when I sat her on the potty. Then we got distracted pulling weeds together outside while Gabriel took a morning nap. And then we had to do a Target errand run.... so then I was thinking, ok I'll start again tomorrow. Well, as she was eating lunch she said, "Mommy, I go peepee." So about 2 minutes later (after coraling her into the restroom with Gabriel on my hip), I sat her on the potty chair. Her diaper was pretty wet, so I didn't have much hope for this potty run. But, with a chocolate candy incentive, she didn't want to give up. She sat. And she sat. And she sat some more. About 10 minutes later I ask if her if she is done and she says, "yeah, mommy." When she stood up, I saw that she had a successful #2! Congratulations, Krista! Way to Go! Two chocolates for a #2! After nap, we'll see if the success continues.

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