Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Peek a Boo!

One of Gabriel's favorite things to watch is Krista running around the room. So we turned it into a fun game of Peek a Boo that we play at least once daily. Krista runs behind the laziboy and "hides", then she says "weady, set, GO!" and runs out yelling "peekaboo!" towards Gabriel. And Gabriel, waiting patiently for her to come out with a big smile on his face, begins laughing like a crazy man. He laughs so hard it's contagious. Krista really is his favorite person to watch... too bad she doesn't share his sentiment!

On another note, Krista has been saying some funny things now that she is talking more:

"Baby G is a Chunky Monkey"
"I wanna do that, mommy"
"I'm soooo sorry, mommy" (usually for no reason at all)
"Baby G's a kid!" (in response to me referring to him as a baby)

Kids are so funny.

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