Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Potty-Time!

After posting my frustrations on potty training last week, I decided that Krista was just not ready. I put her back in her diapers and never mentioned a potty training word to her. Last night she spots the Skittles on the desk and says, "I make a potty?!" I told her that if she goes in the potty, she can select two Skittles. Off she goes and potty she does make.

She repeats this cycle about 30 minutes later, only this time she shouts, "It's potty time!" She does this again 30 minutes later. Each time, she successfully goes. I'm so excited. I ask her if she has to go one more time before we get in the car to pick up Josh. She goes.

We end up going to Target to buy more Skittles as they seem to do the trick. We buy a giant bag of Skittles and a pretty glass jar with a lid that screws on - so she can see the Skittles and be further tempted. The best part is, she went potty on the big toilet at Target when we got there and when we left!

So far today, I have had her in training underwear, which were still dry a few minutes ago. Like everything else she does, Krista has her own internal timeframe and when she's ready she goes full force. I pray for no back tracking now!


Amy Perkins said...

That's great! Crazy how a little skittle set her in potty mode. It's now her mission to potty so she can get those little tasty treats. My mom used little pieces of candy with Taylor and Trevor and it does really work. Sad that you have to bribe them but whatever works! Good luck this weekend and hopefully she keeps it up!

Anna said...

Tina, that's awesome news!! I hope she keeps up with this!

teamcraun said...

Awesome!! YAY!
Once Bella decided, she stuck to it...
Keep the skittles coming!!

Next struggle:
wanting to find new potty's EVERYWHERE.

But even that passes.

Tina said...

So far so good - only a couple of accidents today :) And she did the #2 in her pants, but she was watching Dora.. in the zone.