Monday, November 10, 2008

So Frustrated

Krista is STILL not potty trained. She doesn't care about it at all. She would sit in wet/poopy diapers all day long and not care. So now I've tried to get more agressive as her 3rd birthday approaches in a few months.

FRIDAY @ 5PM: Instead of asking, "Do you want to go sit on the potty", in which she would respond, "Nope", I started a timer and just say, "OK - it's potty time." I then inforce the countdown and she comes with me to the potty chair and sits down. I also give her training underwear instead of a diaper to wear. I also made a chart and everytime she makes a potty on the chair she can make a star and when she gets 5 stars she gets a sucker. At first the timer was set to 30 minute intervals, but she wets her underwear between each potty chair visit. I change the timer to 15 minutes. She stays dry during a few of the intervals and even potties a tiny bit in the potty chair. She still wets herself in her underwear and doesn't let me know, she doesn't even care.

SATURDAY: Went to Grandma's house and forgot the potty chair - back to square one. She still does not say anything when she has wet/dirty diaper.

SUNDAY: Out for church and eating out, so she has a diaper on - I decide to wait till Monday to start again. Not one word about when her diaper is dirty or wet, I only change the diaper when I feel she is wet or can smell her across the room.

MONDAY: Timer started for 15 minute intervals. So far today she has had three different pairs of training underwear on and is on her second pair of pants. She pottied in the potty chair twice, but doesn't seem to care or have any differentiation between going in her pants or the potty chair. I am about to go back to the diapers after the next wet underwear.

Any ideas from other potty training parents? Is she just not ready or do I need to stay firm with her? It doesn't help that Gabriel thinks he needs to "help" us everytime we try to use the potty chair.


teamcraun said...

It's awful, and you might not want to take it. I thought the idea horrid when I read it [in Dr Sear's book], but it did the trick with Bella. [I am lucky that she is neurotically neat, though]

Give her a T-shirt, and NO UNDERWEAR. The pee runs right down the leg. And require her to help clean up any and all messes. I don't know if it is discomfort, embarrassment, or both...but Bella couldn't stand it.

the really annoying thing is devoting a weekend, or several days in a row TOTALLY committed to it.

Ashley said...

I think that if you don't want to try the no underwear thing....then I would say to just wait.

My doctor told me and told me, DO NOT force her to do it. You'll only regret the decision to force her. If she's not ready, she's not ready.

Kaitlyn was ready when we did I don't really know if that no underwear trick would have worked when she was having accidents or not....but when she gets too excited about playing at the daycare to remember to go to the bathroom, I make her help me clean it up...and she thinks it's dunno.

Amy Perkins said...

Of course I don't have any little ones yet but still remember when Taylor and Trevor were going through this part of their little lives. Grandma's house did play a huge part of this training. Anyway... You mentioned in various posts how Krista likes to claim things as "mine" well since Gabriel is interested in the process what if you sit him on her potty and tell her that Gabriel is going to us it since she won't. Who knows, maybe you could start working with Gabriel and she'll want to take part also. I know Aaron and Erin had Rory on the potty before he was walking just to develop the habit. They did mention it becomes a training of the parents as well but well worth it.

I also think today’s diapers are to blame for kids not potty training since 20 years ago most children were potty trained by 1-1.5 years of age. To reduction in your shopping budget from the stop of buying diapers would give me motivation alone.

Best of luck with that little stubborn one!